Asco Power Technologies


Lighting Contactor 917 Remote Control Switch

Branch Circuit Control 2 to 12 Poles


The ASCO 917 remote control (RC) switch has a 20 ampere rating to 600 volts AC. Available with 2 to 12 poles, it is the most compact multi-pole lighting contactor available. Suitable for handling all types of lighting, the ASCO 917 is listed under UL 508 for ballast, tungsten, resistive and general purpose loads. The general purpose rating is 30 amperes to 600 VAC.

 A patented operating mechanism of the ASCO 917 results in a remote control switch that is mechanically held and electrically operated. Contacts are power driven to both the open and closed positions by a momentary pulse, thereby providing quieter operation because there is no AC hum as is experienced with magnetically-held contactors.


The mechanically-held operation assures that the ASCO 917 will not switch to "off" during control power failures. During such failures, magnetically-held contactors may fall into the "off" position, even though service voltage is available.


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