Roper Gear Pumps

Image 3600 Series 

Heavy duty cast iron helical gear pumps
Bi-directional, self-priming
Differential pressures to 125 PSI
Up to 468 GPM
Standard operation up to 212°F
Can be built to operate up to 450°F
Maintenance-free durability

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Image A Series 

Cast iron standard construction with Ductile Iron as an option
Capable of operating at nominal motor speeds
Self priming capabilities
Pressures up to 300 PSI
Flows up to 75.6 GPM

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Image F Series 

High pressure external gear pump
Capable of handling pressures to 300 PSI in standard construction
500 PSI with bearing modifications
Front pullout design, maintenance without disturbing piping
Flanged sleeve bushings with grooves to allow for lubrication

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Image V Series 

Magnetic drive, seal-less helical gear pump
Neodymium magnets up to 5ft/lb torque
Stainless steel containment shell
Ductile iron housing with hardened steel shafts and gears

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Image Z Series 

Cast iron helical gear pump
Two-piece backplate for flexible sealing options
Many parts interchangeable with 3600 series
Differential pressures to 125 PSI
Up to 165 GPM

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Image ROC Series 

Heavy duty stainless steel gear pumps for optimum chemical capability
Back pull-out design for easy maintenance without disturbing piping
One-piece “D” style bushings eliminate the need for wearplates and provide positive
alignment and gear support
Capable of operating at nominal speeds
Good for up to 300 PSI differential pressures
No integral relief valve available, external relief recommended  

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