LobePro rotary pumps are positive displacement pumps. A positive displacement pump operates by trapping a fixed amount of fluid from an intake pipe and then forcing (displacing) that trapped volume into a discharge pipe.

LobePro pumps utilize intermeshing 4-wing helical lobes mounted on parallel shafts. The shafts are rotated by gears with a maintenance friendly design (no complicated timing gears to worry about).

Here are several great reasons to choose a LobePro rotary lobe pump: 

  • Low shear/Pulse free operation
  • Excellent for oil/water separation or highly viscous fluids
  • Ability to pump at constant pressure at different flow rates
  • Self-priming to 25′ wet
  • Capacities from 0-2,656 GPM with pressures to 175 psi
  • Forward and reverse pumping operation
  • Easy access to wet-end for in-place wear part replacement
  • Long operational lifespan at proper speed
  • Low maintenance
  • Space-saving compact design
  • 10 to 1 turndown capability and reverse capability
  • Run dry ability for a period of time
  • Pump speed can be varied from 50 to 600 RPM
  • Excellent for fine abrasives such as sand, sludge and bentonite because the pump can be run at low speed and lobes do not touch

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