Travaini Multi-Stage


Multi Stage Centrifugal


  • 200 to 1300 Feet of Head
  • 10 to 240 US Gallons per minute capacity
  • Closed type impeller design. Axial Thrusts are balanced by special blades on the back of the impellers. Heavy duty outboard single bearing and angular bearing absorb remaining thrusts.
  • One-piece stage/diffuser element increases efficiencies, simplifies maintenance and reduces weight.
  • One mechanical seal with outboard and sleeve bearing design. Double mechanical seals are optional.
  • Standard units can handle liquids up to 250 degrees F, special construction is available for higher temperatures.
  • Maximum discharge pressure of 580 PSIG and maximum section pressure of 320 PSIG.
  • Suction flange positional, left, right and top.

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